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D.C. Apartment Building Explodes

Imagine minding your own business at home, when suddenly, an explosion rocks your apartment complex. This shocking situation was a reality for the residents at an apartment complex in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. this past August. The explosion resulted in a fire that destroyed most of the apartment complex and caused many who were in the building at the time to fear for their lives. The explosion claimed the lives of seven people, and cause injury to over 40 people, in addition to the destruction of what many were calling home.apartmentfire

The fire was reported to have spread so quickly throughout the complex that, in a shocking display of desperation, some residents had to rely on dropping their babies from open windows in order to save their lives. Reports say that some residents had just seconds to escape before the fire came through and consumed their residences. Many residents were forced to leap from windows or balconies to escape the blaze.

Many victims lost their homes and much of their property. Some even lost their entire life savings, and worse still, a few unfortunate residents lost their lives in the resulting blaze. Two young residents ended up losing their parents. In addition, many residents suffered emotional trauma from the shock and terror of the incident itself. The burnt buildings still remain, showcasing a haunting monument to the tragedy to any who gaze upon it. For the former residents, it is only an eerie reminder that they may have barely escaped with their lives.

The Cause Of The Explosion

A total of 29 residents and people affected by the explosion have since filed a lawsuit against the apartment management company, as well as the gas company providing for the complex. The claim states that the management repeatedly ignored complaints of the scent of natural gas permeating the halls, just before the explosion took place. Neither the apartment management company nor the gas company responded, even when claims had been made nearly a month before. The lawsuit alleges that when residents would bring the issue to attention, no precautions or steps to repair or inspect any leaks were taken. Doing so, the lawsuit claims, would have prevented the accident and the ensuing fire.

The lawsuit seeks to pursue damages on wrongful death and negligence claims, and seeks specific damages for compensation for loss, economic damages, and punitive damages. The apartment management company has put forward a statement regarding the incident in response. The company issued certain relief efforts to the residents affected by the explosion, including returns of security deposits, refunds on rent payments, and even crediting some residents $4000 for future rent payments following the incidents. While these measures may provide short term alleviation, the victims have lost homes and savings far beyond paying their rent.

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