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Child Dies On World’s Largest Waterslide

Amusement parks are often the source of fun and great memories. Many offer rides, food, and other experiences that are fun for people of all ages. However, one thing rarely taken into account is the danger they can present to riders. Many people often see these rides as perfectly safe and functional, but there are many dangers associated with these thrill rides. In a recent study reported on by Inquisitor, roller coaster injuries happened on an average of about 4,000 incidents per year. Another study reported on by the publication showed that between 1990 and 2004 there were 52 deaths related to amusement park rides as well. Averaged out, the number of deaths is relatively low, however injuries are incredibly common. In fact, the report actually states that the danger from getting injured at an amusement park is higher than that of a shark attack. So much for safe and fun!WaterPark-e1420495359497-300x199

When An Amusement Park Ride Turns Deadly

In a recent incident, one of Kansas’s legislators lost a son in an unfortunate incident involving a waterslide-style rollercoaster this past month. Caleb Schwab, the son of Kansas representative Scott Schwab, was on a ride at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Water Park. The ride was the Verrückt, which the them park cites as the world’s tallest waterslide. The ride stands at over 168 feet, plunging riders through an initial drop, then at a rapid velocity sends them over another 50 foot hill. The ride itself reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. All of these features seem incredibly thrilling and fun, however, these things also cost young Caleb Schwab his life.

After a brief investigation, Kansas City officials determined that the cause of death was a traumatic neck injury. Worse still, some chilling facts came to light following the investigation. The location of the ride was actually chosen specifically for Kansas City because the park had no height restriction. The designer of the ride has stated that the ride has been redesigned and this was the safest version. Reports from the ride earlier in the day, however, said otherwise. Riders were reported to have encountered issues with safety harnesses. In the police investigation it was stated that Caleb was on a float for the slide with 2 other adult women, and with all their weight combined it was unclear about whether or not they all made the weight requirement for the ride. Officials have not provided any comment on whether or not Caleb made the ride’s height requirement either, though individuals have reported that Caleb looked as though the he should not have been allowed on the ride. Furthermore, the two women suffered minor facial injuries during the ride, which may be related to a malfunction. While it is unclear if the Schwab family will be pursuing legal action against Schlitterbahn, the bottom line in this matter is that Caleb’s death was entirely preventable.

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