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Between 2008 and 2012, 19,000 New Hampshirites were arrested for marijuana-related offenses. At the national level, the cost of marijuana prohibition is now $20 billion annually. We, at Tenn And Tenn, P.A., know that countless US citizens have seen their career prospects, livelihood and personal lives affected by marijuana-related arrests and charges. All the while, the same offense may be legal in a neighboring state, contributing to an unfavorable “patchwork” legal system, with minimal consistency or unifying logic. New Hampshire has joined the growing number of states who now actively consider the prospect of marijuana legalization. The state has established a dedicated panel to weigh the consequences and draft the provisions of the potential legislative shift.potr768-300x200

Marijuana Legalization and New Hampshire’s Rate of Opioid Use – Related?

It is a loaded question for the Granite State, which has contended with a burgeoning opioid problem for years. US News and World Report characterized New Hampshire as “Ground Zero for Opioids,” citing the state’s “lack of treatment funding, rural context and high prescription rates” as contributing factors.

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