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Bradford Man Faces Snowmobiling DUI

A man from Bradford was recently arrested for driving under the influence after his snowmobile fell through thin ice on Back Lake in Pittsburg, reports WMUR.

The driver was snowmobiling near Back Lake when snow started falling heavily, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Disoriented by the thick flakes and lack of visibility, he began riding in large circles on the lake. He got about 100 feet from shore when the ice, which was only a few inches thick, broke beneath the snowmobile, sending it and the man into ten feet of freezing water. The driver was able to climb out of the hole and return to shore. He was cold and shaken, but not injured. The man was arrested for driving under the influence shortly after the accident.

New Hampshire drunk driving charges are not limited to those who drive cars. Drivers of other motorized vehicles, such as ATVs and snowmobiles, can also be arrested on suspicion of DUI or DWI. New Hampshire law allows for those who drive ATVs and snowmobiles to be convicted of DWI if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08 percent or higher.

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