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Awareness, Education Lead to Better Car Seat Use

More and more parents are taking advantage of education initiatives and other information to learn the best ways to use car seats to protect their children, according to research recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Better car seat use has, in turn, led to fewer serious injuries and deaths to children in auto accidents.

New Hampshire Carseat Safety Several specific types of car seat use have improved in recent years. For instance, parents have begun keeping their children in a particular seat until the individual child outgrows it, instead of switching their child to a larger seat before the child is the right size for it. Keeping a child in the car seat until the child outgrows it is safer for the child than hoping the child will “grow into” a larger seat.

The main reasons parents stray from the guidelines is because they believe their individual child is uncomfortable or too restricted in their car seat – a problem the NHTSA recommends fixing by buying a new car seat in a size that meets the guidelines but that has a configuration of straps that doesn’t make the child uncomfortable.

Car seats are meant to keep children safe in the event of an accident. However, a car seat cannot guarantee safety, especially if an accident is serious or the seat itself has a defect. If your child or a child you care for has been hurt in a crash, call the experienced child injury lawyers in New Hampshire at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. today to learn more about your legal options. Our number is (603) 624-3700; call today for a free, confidential telephone consultation.

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