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As Smartphone Use Increases, States Begin to Accept Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Smartphones are common these days, and state legislatures are beginning to take advantage of their document-displaying capabilities. In several states, bills have been introduced to allow drivers to show proof of insurance by displaying an electronic proof of insurance document on their smartphones, instead of carrying the paper document.electronic insurance documents

Supporters of these bills say that while the paper document will still be considered proof of insurance, allowing electronic documents gives some drivers an alternative. These drivers will be able to pull up their proof of insurance on their smartphones in case they forget to put the insurance document in their vehicles, allowing them to provide proof of insurance if they are pulled over or get into an NH auto accident – and avoid an unnecessary ticket or court date to prove they actually do have insurance.

In addition to car insurance, some states are also considering allowing electronic documents to demonstrate that a driver has a valid driver’s license. While New Hampshire doesn’t require auto insurance coverage, it does require drivers to have a valid license. This technology could help drivers who accidentally forget their licenses as well.

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