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Across the Country, Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal Movements Point to New Hampshire

New Hampshire, Illinois, and Iowa are the only U.S. states that do not require motorcycle riders to wear helmets in most circumstances. New Hampshire, for instance, limits helmet requirements to those who are still riding on a learner’s permit. Now, according to news outlet WWLP in Boston, several other states are fighting to have their helmet laws reduced or repealed – and they’re pointing to New Hampshire’s example to lead the way.

In Massachusetts, for instance, motorcyclists recently addressed a meeting of the state legislature, explaining that competent adults should be allowed to make their own decisions about whether or not to wear motorcycle helmets. They cited New Hampshire as an example of a state where the helmet decision is left in the hands of individual bikers, and pointed out that many riders in New Hampshire would love to tour Massachusetts by bike, but choose not to because doing so requires them to put on a helmet.

Those who are against mandatory helmet laws say that crash avoidance, not required helmets, is necessary in order to save lives and prevent serious motorcycle accident injuries to bikers. Those who support helmet requirements, however, point to research by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicating that riders who wear helmets are more likely not to die in a serious crash, and that requiring helmets helps reduce motorcycle insurance premiums. Massachusetts joins Michigan and several other states in reconsidering its motorcycle helmet requirements.

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