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St. Patrick’s Day Fun 2016: What Not To Do

St. Patrick’s Day Fun 2016: What Not To Do

Enjoying St. Patrick’s Day is always a blast in the state of New Hampshire. Many towns such as Manchester offer parades and festivities to celebrate the Irish culture, offering dancing, drinks and more. The 21st Annual Manchester St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be on Sunday, March 29th. When you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it can be fun to dress in all green, have a few beers and spend time with family and friends. However, there are aspects of the celebration that can have an unsafe affect, such as drinking and driving. Below are a few tips on what not to do as you celebrate the unique holiday.St. Paddy's Day

Avoid Drinking Too Much

When you are having fun with friends, enjoying music and dancing, it can be easy to get carried away with drinking. You may have beer after beer with shots in between, feeling good during the night. However, the drinks will quickly catch up to you and you may begin to feel sick or even end up with alcohol poisoning. Be sure to drink a limited amount, and keep track of what you are drinking. You can have fun with a few beers without getting so drunk that you have no idea where you are or what you are doing.

Avoid Driving Drunk

A big no-no is driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is very dangerous to drive after drinking, even if you have only had one drink. Alcohol can impair your judgment, leading you to make bad decisions when you are driving. You could cause a wreck and hurt yourself or others. You must take proper precautions and have a driver with you so that you can drink and not have to worry about driving to the next location or home.

When you drive drunk, you put everyone on the road at risk. You could easily be pulled over and charged with a DUI or end up with a DUI and other charges if you cause a wreck while intoxicated. Be smart and choose to have a designated driver or find an alternative for transportation. Keep yourself and others safe by not driving after you have drank alcohol during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Head Home Early

Going out on the town is fun but can become more dangerous after hours. When you find yourself out too late, perhaps in the early morning hours, you could be subject to a drunk driving accident or even mugging. You want to make smart decisions and keep yourself safe when you go out. Try to set a conservative time to come home, perhaps midnight or one in the morning. When you close down the bar, you can end up on the roadways when others may have made the decision to drink and drive. This puts you and your friends at risk. Take the party home and have more drinks in the safety of your living room rather than putting yourself on the roadways where you could be at risk of being involved in a car accident.

If you make smart decisions when you go out on St. Patrick’s Day, you will have a great time without having to worry about the consequences that can come along with partying just a little too hard.

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